Our Girls

Our Girls are extremely hard working and dedicated to their jobs.  Within this industry it is very hard to find workers who will go the extra mile to help your company grow.  Our girls have been the foundation of our success and continue to keep us growing.

We have three full time teams and part time members of staff who help as and when we get increasingly busy.  Our teams always work in pairs.  Our girls have their set routes and once allocated to a clean they will remain with that clean.  This is for the purpose of clients getting to know the girls and knowing exactly who is going into their home.  They can build a relationship and then feel safe that the girls can get on with their work whilst in their property.

Once our teams are trained, have exceeded their probationary period and feel confident going out on the road as a pair they are then given a team name.  This to us makes them feel part of the company and there is no confusion as to which cleans are allocated where.  Our three full time teams are called Gracie-Lou, Charlotte-Eileen and Emily-Drew.

We state in all our initial estimates that we are fully insured and go to great lengths to carry out full checks on each member of our staff.  They are trained intensely for two weeks to our standards and made sure to always treat each and every home, property or office they enter with great care and attention.